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Welcome to Trust Pharmacy!

With over 1,100 offerings from global manufacturers, we deliver directly to your doorstep.

To purchase products from our service, all you need to do is:

  1. Search for the required medication;
  2. Add selected items to your cart;
  3. Proceed to checkout;
  4. Enter shipping and payment details;
  5. For prescription medications, please email your prescriptio;
  6. Confirm and place your order.

The process is infinitely simpler than it may seem. Browsing for medicine in pharmacies and even online stores can often be a pain. However, Trust Pharmacy has strived to create the most straightforward experience possible. Our catalog provides all the necessary information, options, and alternatives for every drug we carry. Once you’ve found what you need, it’s simply a matter of making a payment, specifying your location, and waiting for your delivery.

Prescription Products

Most major drugs we offer are prescription drugs. It means that, apart from vitamins and relatively harmless medications, you’ll need a prescription to buy the stuff. In such cases, you’ll need to enter the details of your prescription bill during the checkout. To get one, you need to see a doctor.


You probably don’t want to pay tons of cash for a chance to be healthier. It seems like a common problem for many people, which is why drug manufacturers came up with generics (generic drugs). A generic drug is usually a copy or a very close replication of a popular drug, except without branding.

They often use the same ingredients and composition as the non-generic drugs, but it’s usually not made by the same company. As such, generics can be up to 3 times cheaper without being any less effective. There are some disadvantages to it, but if you’re looking for a cheap, useful product, then the generic one is for you.

The main downside is potentially lower safety. They won’t poison you or even be less effective (most of the time), but there isn’t really the same safety control compared to what big pharmaceutical companies have. They are certainly checked for flaws, but there is more likelihood to get a less effective drug.

The other problem is that you don’t fund the companies that make these drugs. Now, it may be an advantage to you – after all, drug manufacturers don’t seem very fair to consumers. However, they don’t just mix them and sell them to you. They also improve old drugs, research new ones, and spend a lot of time and money on that.

Generics create a choice of sorts. You can either buy the same mixture cheaply and without supporting the manufacturer that much or you can fund future research. In the latter case, it’s not really an explanation they give you for high drug costs, but they’ll definitely spend a portion of the money you gave them on R&D.